Summer Shows Squeezed into August

To kick things off were Don Broco with a tropical performance  of their summery record ‘Automatic’ at Islington’s cosy O2 Academy. Just after me and my friend had made a quick old lady dash to the M&S toilets where we crossed paths with ol’ George from Hollyoaks on the stairs… who knew! 😂


I love this venue because with it being such a close capacity space, you really feel like you’re getting your money’s worth by seeing artists literally right before your eyes as opposed to slightly blurry, far away figures or dots.

Don Broco were as suave and energetic as ever and it was fantastic to finally hear songs off the album live such as title track ‘Automatic‘, ‘Superlove‘ and ‘I Got Sick‘ which were all awesome.

Next up were Asking Alexandria and it was my first time seeing them with new (at the time) singer Denis Shaforostov properly since their spot at this year’s Kerrang Awards.

Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’ coming on in the venue triggered a ripple of giggles in the crowd,  including myself as it reminded me of The Midnight Beast parody.

It was a classic AA show; jokes and passionate performance being projected out into the space.

When Lower Than Atlantis announced a free hometown show I thought ‘What are the chances of getting into this?!’ but, it was August and time for a summer adventure. In the pub in Watford there was a gaggle of others taking their chances which evolved into a hefty crowd by the time doors came around. We wiggled our way to our place in ‘line’ expecting to have to turn on our heels and just stay for the drinks and maybe press our ears against the doors. To our surprise the security slapped wristbands on all three of us and we were ushered in. What we entered was a twinkly lights cladded world. As calm as the décor was the show itself was a typical Lower Than Atlantis show, sweaty and rowdy with good humour and equal amounts passion from both the band and crowd.

Waiting for the train home, listening to Beyoncé.



I saw State Champs for the first time this summer. Having missed out on their tours for a couple of years, a show announcement for Camden’s Underworld was a godsend. As I tweeted to the band the next day, their set made me feel like I was 15 years old again when all on my brain was ‘I JUST WANT TO GOT TO CONCERTS ALL. THE . DAMN. TIME’.


It was fun, it was light-hearted, it was one of those shows where you truly felt comfortable to go nuts. Highlights of the night were the performances of ‘Elevated‘ and ‘All Or Nothing‘ just as they’re personal favourites of mine and although I figured ‘Elevated‘ was a given, the band kept the suspense hanging with whether or not ‘All Or Nothing‘ was coming and it was such a moment of contentment when the performance kicked in. The band had the right attitude for the Underworld with their high energy bouncing off the crowd and members of the crowd bouncing around and off the stage. You should be able to catch all the action on a yet to be released DVD (which I hope will come together in time for Christmas ’17 or my 20th early 2018 😉)  Also go check out The Gospel Youth, a support band hasn’t grabbed my attention like they did in a while.

IMG_4193 (2).JPG

peace and love

Lily x  ✌️

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