Bring Me The Horizon fill the O2

Now into November, 2016’s final show was Bring Me The Horizon playing the O2 arena. To be honest with the tickets having gone on sale in January and that being closer to a full year ago, I wasn’t as excited to see the band.

I made my way to the venue against the uplifting backdrop of fireworks hitting the sky, filling the dark with colour, and when I headed into the arena the buzz of excitement for Bring Me was well and truly present.

As the sound of The Prodigy’s ‘Smack My B*tch Up’ faded to a close Bring Me took the stage.

Bring Me The Horizon have always had an honest and entertaining stage presence which shone through tonight at key moments like when they presented a candid AV monologue. With flowers blooming onto the screens, words of divorce, loss of friendships and coming to the conclusion that “if life’s just one big fucking game – then I don’t wanna play” grabbed the attention of the arena.

This was lead up to a performance of ‘Doomed‘, a song from their latest album which when it was released back in September 2015 paved way for a lot of divided opinions. ‘Doomed’ is both a song considered “too soft” for Bring Me The Horizon by some and incredibly clever by others. “I thought I sold my soul, but he kept the receipt” being the reason for my opinion being the latter. ‘Doomed’ is like rain for pluviophiles – you know it’s miserable but you can’t help but find it giving you peace of mind and even a bit of happiness, almost like it’s a release of the misery.

Another candid moment was provided by singer Oli Sykes this time live with a dedication speech to song ‘Sleepwalking’ (funnily enough a popular song for the majority, that I’m not as bothered about) where he stated that the fans and the band saved his life and therefore the song dedicated to “each and every single fucking one of ya”.

Even though I was a bit of an achey grandma tonight, forcing myself out of my warm home into the cold ‘Shadow Moses’, ‘Chelsea Smile’ and ‘Throne’, as classics in eyes, made for a good time and a Bring Me show is always an experience that’s worth it.


Coming to a close for the night ‘Oh No’ gave same bounce to the arena that was now absolutely packed with swaying, giddy lights.

The sound is horrible because I was by the sound desk but JUST LOOK AT THE PRETTY LIGHTS.

I know I’d definitely see Bring Me The Horizon live again once more in the future but, since I’m not as angry as I was when I was 15 I think I’ll give the very next tour a miss.

Lily ✌️



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