Kerrang Awards 2016 – The Gig

It was a regular Wednesday night and I was just about to head to bed when I got a feeling that I should check my e-mails. To my confusion there was one in there from Kerrang magazine and I soon discovered that I had ended up winning a competition I had entered, without any real sense that I would be chosen to win.

With that I got my plans together as I was off to see Asking Alexandria and A Day To Remember and get a little insight to this year’s Kerrang Awards.

We walked into the venue and the first thing I was made aware of was two members of a band I’m quite fond of standing 2 feet away.

I didn’t stop and get any pictures with Max and Chris of You Me At Six since they were just making their exit from stopping for a group of fans but, I did get to pass on my eagerness for the band’s next release to Max, who was cool enough to respond and very sweetly wished us to have a good night.

Awesome as that was, it was time for Asking Alexandria, the first act of the night, who had picked up the ‘Best British Band’ award.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 01.29.02
Asking Alexandria

Lead vocalist Denis Stoff was great at filling the role of frontman with strong guttural vocals and also, as a difference to the band’s previous frontman Danny Worsnop, matched the physical energy of the rest of the band, making for a fun show with quality interaction with the crowd.

It was exciting to hear ‘I Won’t Give In‘ and ‘The Black‘ from Asking Alexandria’s latest album ‘The Black’.  The band gave the level of energy that I had hoped for with bounce-inducing track ‘The Black’ and the amount of passion from both crowd and band for ‘I Won’t Give In’ was heart-warming.

A favourite of mine,’To The Stage‘, was just as enjoyable tonight as it was when I saw the band with their previous line-up close to 2 years ago. Hearing it with Stoff’s vocals was an alternative experience that I found refreshing as opposed to dispiriting. As was the case with the performances of other classic AA tracks like ‘Not The American Average‘, ‘A Prophecy‘ and ‘The Final Episode‘.

A Day To Remember didn’t mess about, kicking off the show with ‘The Downfall of Us All‘ off of 2009’s ‘Homesick’ and followed it up strongly with fellow album track ‘I’m Made Of Wax Larry‘ to my complete delight being  the song from A Day To Remember that I probably fell in love with the earliest.

I couldn’t believe how far my luck had lasted when the band also performed ‘2nd Sucks‘, another one I had been holding out to hopefully hear tonight. Now with it happening right in front of me, it was as good as I had built it up to be.

A performance of ‘Right Back It Again‘, from 2014’s ‘Common Courtesy‘, was even thrown in tonight which helped give the band an impressively balanced setlist, something which must become an increasingly difficult task as the releases stack up.

Paranoia‘ and ‘Bad Vibrations‘, singles off of the band’s most recent album ‘Bad Vibrations’, went down well live as did the older ‘Have Faith In Me’, a slower song I wasn’t sure I’d get to hear in tonight’s condensed set.

The band wrapped up the night with 2011’s ‘All I Want‘,  A Day To Remember gave high energy tonight and lead vocalist Jeremy McKinnon didn’t cut any corners on vocals, with some epic screams particularly at the ends of ‘All I Want’ and ‘I’m Made of Wax’.


peace and love




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